Manage your subscribers


Segments allow you to target a subset of your users with notifications. You may create any number of segments. Segments are created by adding filters based on certain data attributes.

Create new Segment

How to use

With the power of our Javascript SDK the segmented subscription is easier than ever.

First: Create the segments you'd like to use for grouping your subscribers.

Last: On any of your website pages that you want to subscribe a user – pass the correct Segment Name to the any of subscribing code snippets you're using.

Use one of below code snippets on your website page(s):

1. Standard Opt-in with a configurable delay and type. See Opt-In Settings for more details;


2. Link for Opt-in

                    <a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="propushSDK.subscribe("yourSegmentName");">

3. Button for Opt-in

                    <button type="button" onclick="propushSDK.subscribe("yourSegmentName");">

URL Segmentation

Manage subcribers using url filter. The users in a segment are determined based on one or more filters that determine the rules for which users are included in the segment